Santa's Speeding Ticket by Mark Newhouse

Santa's Speeding Ticket - Mark H. Newhouse, Daniel Traynor

Santa has been a naughty boy! In a hurry to get the presents delivered in time for Christmas morning, he flies by a police officer who is not too happy to be working on Christmas Eve. His pockets are empty and he no identify or sled registration. What is he to do?



My Thoughts:


The bright colors in this will appeal to young children. The troubles Santa encouraging terse are sure to produce grins, and the story is simple enough for most 6+ year old children to read on their own. The dedication is one that I think needs to be said more often, it is so true.


Dedicated to the wonderful men and women of our Police Departments, who protect us on Christmas Eve. And their dogs too.




This would make a great Christmas gift for a young boy or girl. I am wrapping this up for my son and giving it to him on Christmas Eve as his "night before Santa" gift.