Reading progress update: I've read 10%.

The Reluctant Leader (The Submissive Heart Book 2) - Michelle Knight

I am getting so much more insight into how the characters feel, and their motives behind their actions and choices.


In this book I think I will be reading mostly about Kate's (L's friend) journey. She visits Mark and L, from book one, and has questions for Mark:


"Look. You work in a world that is completely new to me. It's confusing and contradictory. You've taken my best friend and turned her into some kind of slave. You've even changed her name to a single letter. Oddly enough she flourishing and getting her shit together, but I don't understand any of it and your joking around isn't helping."


P.S. I will keep scissors handy if I get curious and get the yarn out... again.


From what I understand, this is a mix of fact and fiction from the author personal experiences in "the scene."