My imagination

Every time I see a shitty book on Amazon with a billion 5 star reviews I imagine an author sitting there creating a billion accounts in  which to write those reviews. I had a dream about it one night after drinking just a little bit of the hard stuff. My dream was a mix of mystery and inspirational (?) Nonsense. An author kept making accounts and posting reviews, and eventually had a nervous breakdown and killed her cat. Then Stephanie Plum (evanovich) was searching for the author after she skipped out. After she was found hiding under a covered bridge, Matlock defended her in court and she won. Then she wrote a book called HOW TO KILL YOUR CAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT. It sold millions after she wrote an amazing review of her own book. 



I have weird dreams. I do like that some of my friends from pages make appearances though. I had a funny one about some of you book like bloggers, I may tell you all about that later. It may pass some people off though. Warning! If I post it, it is fictional.