Scrap City by D.S. Thornton

Scrap City (Middle-Grade Novels) - D.S. Thornton

This is good so far. Jerome just found something in the junkyard that he though was perhaps a rat stuck in an ice chest.


Jerome fell back on his rear end, amazed. The ice chest was moving? On its own? Or was there something even bigger in there, like a cat? Wait... a talking cat?

And was that a coffee can on top the ice chest? And connecting them, the base from a blender? Just what was he looking at?


He studied the thing. If he didn't know any better, he'd say the coffee can and blender part looked just like a head and neck. And when the whirring voice said, "I can't fide  my doze," Jerome knew it was a head and neck.


He frowned at the thing, "Your what?"


"My doze! I can't find my doze," it answered, turning to him.


Two gauges with dials in them faced him now. Eyes! And below that, a curved piece of metal that was surely a mouth and jaw.


Robot! And he is so sweet. This is the new bedtime story my son, Myles, and I will be reading. I have had such great luck with middle grade novels lately, and this one so far does not disappoint. And, they have all been from NetGalley.