would you be able to live with yourself?

I took a neighbor to the grocery store. She gets $750 a month in food stamps. I watched as she bought top shelf, best they make brands  lobster, shrimp, porterhouse steaks, etc. The first set foods Walmart sells. In my cart I had generic food, save money. I spent 250 and walked out with twice as much food as she got for 550. On the way home she has me pull into a church. SHE GOES INTO A FOOD PANTRY FOR MORE FOOD. I asked her why she needed to go in there. "For the end of next month when my food runs out." RUNS OUT? So, she doesn't work, nor does her husband. They have two kids and live in subsidized housing where the state pays her 13 dollars a month to live there. Yes, she gets paid to live there because her rental allowance is more than her rent. I have been to the point where I had to go to a food pantry or starve. How the hell does someone think it is okay to eat expensive as funk shrimp and lobster paid for by tax dollars then stop at a food pantry meant to help families in need of emergency food? WTF? 


I work my ass off and her family eat like kings! I need stand the need for foodstamps, but to me what she did is down right sinful.