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The Reluctant Leader (The Submissive Heart Book 2) - Michelle Knight

...the solution. "Look. Why don't you try seeing things from my perspective?"


"Oh yes? And how exactly do you propose I do that?"


Mark took a deep breath, drew his racquet back and returned the ball to Kate's side of the court with considerable force. "You learn to become a Dominatrix."


Kate is about to be schooled. She doesn't understand how or why her friend "L" is happy in a D/s relationship with Mark. Class is in. I think Kate will make a good Dom considering how she took control in a sex scene (steamy) that I read when I picked up the wrong book in the series. Like I said yesterday, I am brain frazzled right now. Just so everyone is not confused, Mark is happily married to "L" (Susan). We read about their relationship in the first book.