Wherever There Is Light by Peter Golden

Wherever There Is Light: A Novel - Peter Golden

Publication Date: November 3, 2015


The author writes in a way where you feel like you are hearing a story that was written by someone who witnessed what he is writing about first hand. I had to double check to make sure this was fictional. I will read anything this author writes with hopes of a story with the same effect.


This was I great book. In the beginning it was a little difficult to figure out what was going on. It starts with a woman bringing a boy to man. The lady tells him that the boys mother died and that the mother instructed her to bring the boy to him. Then the story zips back to the past and tells us about a sporadic love affair between the man and the boys mother that went on for 30 years starting in the 1930s. He is a young Jewish man and she is a black woman. Their love is not one that was readily accepted. Their parents didn't approve, society didn't approve. 


There were parts of this story that brought tears to my eyes. I am glad I was born when I was. The hatred and prejudice that this couple goes through makes me cringe. And it was made worse by the fact that I knew from the beginning that their romance is not one that would end up with them together.


I will never forget this book.




If anything I have mentioned above is not something you are comfortable reading about this may not be a good book for you. For everyone else, be prepared for a heavy read that will choke your heart.


I recieved a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.