Reading progress update: I've read 7%.

PARACOSM: Bleath: The Hauntings - Anya Allyn

This book has  creepy, attention grabbing beginning scene. A young woman is burying a body. After she finishes a man grabs her hand and tells her it is time to run. Then you read a scene where the woman is just moving to an area. She is talking to a girl who warns her that she should leave before she is snatched and taken to the other world like her sister was. The girl talks to her like she has seen her before, she even has a drawing she drew that has a terrified woman standing in a field who looks just like the young woman. Spooky, spooky. 


It is the perfect night to read this. It is cool out, the windows are open, we have the lights out, and everyone else is watching a movie. I don't work tomorrow. Relax and escape time.