The Stages: A Novel - Thom Satterlee



Daniel Peters is an American living in Copenhagen. He works in the Kierkegaard Research Center as a translator and suffers from Asperger's. When his boss (and former fiancée) is murdered soon after the discovery of a new Kierkegaard manuscript--a collection of poetry believed by some to be a forgery--Daniel is a prime suspect. His condition makes it difficult for him to tolerate changes to his routine or interpret people's behavior, but he is drawn into the mystery despite himself and must work with the police to uncover the truth. Satterlee clearly is familiar with Copenhagen and Kierkegaard, and this knowledge grounds the story and lends it realism. This is a deftly crafted mystery that will leave readers curious and surprised, as well as empathetic to Daniel, whose Asperger's is portrayed realistically. -Publishers Weekly



My Thoughts:


This is a mystery npvel featuring an adult male with Asperger's syndrome, Daniel Peters, a translator. I work with a few individuals with Aspies, the author nailed the character. I am very impressed. 


This is told on first person. I really liked that hecause the author was able to dip into the characters thoughts. Some of those thoughts help readers to better understad what actually goes on Peters' head. I loved that part of thos boom. 


As far as the story itself, I was really guessing the whole time trying to figure out hoe it would end. There are some really shocking plot twists.


There is a lot of focus on Kierkegaard. I found that part to he cery interesting and educating. I had a good idea of who he was, but now i know a lot more. 




People who like whodunits should enjoy this. I really recommend this one. I normally dont lime mysteries but i liked this one.