Running Free by K. Webster

Running Free (Woodland Creek) - Woodland Creek, K.  Webster

My copy is an ARC. The publication date is set for November 15, 2015.


This had so much potential to be a great book, but it felt rushed. I love the grittiness of the way it was written. I plowed through the first couple of chapters, then it started to feel uncompleted. I felt it was lacking. There was not enough character developement, the setting needed to be better described. The way some parts were worded left me having to reread what I had already read in order to understand what it was meant to say.


I have read unpolished stories before they were finished. That is what this felt like. I feel that if this did go through another rewrite that it has the potential to be a four star read for me. There were parts of this book that were amazing. I want to give those parts a better rating, but the parts that felt lacking were too frequent to ignore.


Summary of my thoughts:


Needs more, and I will check out more by this author only because of those glimpses of amazingness (I made that word up!). If the author ever publishes a newer version of this I will definitely read it. 


I really hated giving this 2 stars because I REALLY liked some parts of it.