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The Reluctant Leader (The Submissive Heart Book 2) - Michelle Knight

I am liking this so far. I have had one of those "aha!" moments.


At work we use a protective program called PMT. It is training that was designed to keep staff, clients, and anyone else who happens to be around safe around our clientele in case a behavioral problem arises that could cause harm to someone. Most of the training is on how to prevent these behaviors from happening in the first place. This doesnt always work so we are also trained in blocking and holds. The holds are only used when we have no choice but to. I call these "oh shit moments." When we use a hold, I have rarely used these, the client who is being help eventually calms down. They almost always thank us for helping them through their bavioral outburst. In this book there is something the author refers to as "sub space." The best way I can think to describe this is that after being retained a submissive individual feelsat peace and relaxed. 


Basically the same concept. PMT and BDSM simolatities. Who knew?