Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole

Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark) - Kresley Cole



Oh... I am still in IAD coma... I love this series! I was so disappointed by Cole's choice to feature two newbie characters. Then I read this. THIS IS A CONTENDER FOR MY FAVORITE OF THIS SERIES! Actually it's a toss up between this and Shadow's Claim, which was also a book I didn't think was going to be as good as the other books of this series.


Jo, the female lead, has some wickedly amazing powers. We haven't seen a character of her species <--plural! She's a hybrid, and as much as I want to tell, I won't, it would ruin the surprise. She has no knowledge of the Lore and has only recently come to realize that she isnt the only superpowered being in existence. Before she finds out what her origins are, she thinks of herself as a superhero. She uses her abilities to remove undesirable humans from her territory. 


Rune (or Ruin, as Jo likes torment him by calling him that) is an insatiable horn dog who munipulates females by giving them the rife of their life. To him sex is just a tool that he utilizes. He is old as dirt, handsome to a fault, and extremely sure of his abilities both in the bedroom and on the battlefield. He is known as Rune the Baneblood. He is half Fey, half demon. His dark fey blood is black and deadly, as is his kiss. 


The two of these characters have amazing chemistry, mind blowing sex, and annoy the shit out of each other. It is interesting to watch their relationship develope. 


Phew... this was hot! Definitely a panty soaker. In every book, Cole's ability to write a hot ad hell sex scene and still keep it from turning to plain pornographically gets better and better. This woman could write an obituary and I would wait in line for days to get my hands on a copy of it.


I really hope that these characters are including in future books. I love this book so much that I just preordered a physical copy today from despite the fact that I just read the book.


It felt like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one when I found out that I had been approved to recieve and ARC of this book through Netgalley. Best nonbirthday/nonchristmas gift ever!