Sharon, my husband's step sister is listed as in fair condition (from Go Fund Me):


As many of you may have read or heard, a tragedy occurred Thursday, December 3rd, at the Taylor Sportsplex. Sharon Watson and daughter Emma were gunned down-- Sharon is in a fairly good condition, although Emma passed away that evening. This fund was created to help honor her life and pay for funeral/medical expenses. We are very thankful for every penny donated. My family and I could never thank you all enough. 


As the daughter of Sharon and sister of Emma, I would just like to let everyone know that this fundraiser is legitimate and completely safe to use-- there was much controversy over who created the page and where the money is going. A close friend of mine, Taylor, is the creator of the page. The only thing she has access to is the biography, photos and comments posted. She is not able to access any money, nor is she able to change anything regarding the account in which the payments are going. That is for my father, Shane Nowling, who is in charge of making all funeral arrangements and decisions coming forth. If anyone has any problem with sending money to this fund and would like to a different way, you may talk to my father directly through Facebook and/or calling. 


Thank you all again, we are very blessed to be touched by you all. 


- Hannah (end)




We were starting to worry after hearing no new news. I never want to experience what they are going through after the loss of a child.