Every Little Thing (coloring book for adults)

Every Little Thing: A Flat Vernacular Coloring Book by Cosell Turner, Payton (November 3, 2015) Paperback - Payton Cosell Turner

Back of Book:


From a retro dreams cape of candy, toys, and typewriters to a joyful parade parade of woodland creatures, each page of this hand drawn coloring book is its own kaleidoscope - like universe.


My Thoughts:


This is nice. I really love the quality of paper that this is on. It is smooth, thick, and very bright white. My Prismatic Color colored pencils paired very nicely with this. This truly does look like a kaleidoscope of shape and pictures. The pictures rend me of wallpaper and fabric patterns. That aspect really appeals to my youngest daughter, she loves to design things. We had a great time coming up with color schemes. Each picture/drawing covers two pages and front and back of each page is covered. This has a lot more picture than i expexted it t have. I will definitely be ordering more of these, not necessarily this particular scheme, coloring books. They will make great Christmas gifts. 


About the Author:


Peyton Costello Turner is the co-founder of Flat Venicular, a Brooklyn - based design studio celebrated for its original hand-drawn and hand-painted wallpapers.


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I received a copy through Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.