Yes, yes, yes... and more YES!

Blood Kiss - J.R. Ward

The Warden has done it again... finally. I admit to liking  The Shadows, alot, but admit that it wasn't like the series I had grown to love. A matter of fact, the most recent couple of books were good, just not what I wanted. This one, on the other hand is great, and reminiscent of the books I loved from J.R. Ward. 


We are back at the training center with a new group of trainees. Remember when John Michael and his group of trainees were there? That is like this. The brothers are training them. There are females in this group, a major developement for their population, and one of those females is an aristocrat. Big, big deal people. Said aristocrat is pining for a floor layer's son, also in the program. 


We also get a better understanding of Marissa, Butch's shellen, in this. Her and Butch's relationship is examined. I never really cared for either Butch or Marissa until this book, now I love them. 


I feel like I have visited with old friends, and met a few new ones to boot. 


This book will make absolutely no sense what so ever if you haven't read at least some of the original Black Dagger Brotherhood books. If you haven't, what the hell are you waiting on?