(nonbook post) It's cold outside...

and I took the kids to get hats, gloves and scarves. I buy the mix and match kind that normally cost around 5 to 7 dollars a piece, and  am grown ass adult with an INCOME! We went to Kohls because all of the winter apparall in the juniors department were on sale and I had accumulated 40 kohl's bucks. I let the girls go on their way and took the boy to the kids department for his. We found an adorable set for 20 dollars and a pair of boots (his feet grew) for 18, and they match so well. I meet the girls at the front and check out. Before the total price even pops up the younger girl is pointing at the oldest with a look of terror in her face. Oh shit! $155. "Is that after my kohl's rewards?" I naively ask the cashier.


"Yes, and I also applied the twenty dollar rewards you earned for today." 




I paid for it because dammit she is in so much trouble now and I have soooooo much frustration built up! We get to the car and I have each one of them get their hats and gloves and scarves out. My younger girl is a bargain shopper. I can send in to the store with ten dollars and she can come back out with dinner for two nights. The older girl is not so monetarily adept. I send her in with ten dollars for food and she comes out with a cellphone case (true story... twice). The younger female variety of child only spent $35 dollars, and that includes the cute thermal liner she found for her coat, 2 pair of gloves, a hat and a neat scarf that can be worn as a hood and scarf, or just a really warm scarf. The oldest, errrr, she spent over a hundred dollars on a pair of fuzzy socks (15 dollars, you can get the same at family dollar for 2), a hat (juicy couture), and a scarf (juicy couture, again). No gloves! NO FUCKING GLOVES! Okay, now she's in deep shit!


I recently switched our phone plans to Walmart Family Mobile (I know, walmart is aweful, but I save over 90 dollars a month). We already owned the phones (there is another story there, but I may have already told it) and t mobile was really screwing me with the amount of data I use at work. We were locked into a plan from over 10 years ago and some how my account was so screwed up that I would have had to sign a new contract for 2 years to get a decent rate. I was really happy when I realized that the last time I bought phones through them that they were unlocked and could go anywhere with me. T mobile wasn't too happy when they realized that fact. Ha! Well, it was time to reload the phones. I had planned on splitter my huge Christmas bonus (over 2000 dollars) between them. They didn't need to know that then. I gave them each 120 dollars and had them give me the money back for their winter weather items. The oldest was broke. After that I told them to go get their phone cards... lol. The oldest, hahaha, decided to take her hat as scarf, socks, and NO GLOVES back to kohls. She found a three piece set for 20 dollars for a 3 piece set at walmart. I made her pay for the gas to go back to kohls. Lesson learned, or so I thought...


I got called into work. Yay! That is triple time pay scale for a call in over two hours and I get paid for four regardless of how much I actually work over 2 hours. I ended up making 250 bucks for 2 and half hours of my time. Woo hoo! That is a 33% increase on my weekly check (normal 36 hour week check that is, I haven't seen less than a 50 hour week in a long time). I get home from working all happy about the money I made, then the evil oldest spoke up. "You're never home. You work all the time." Where does she think money comes from? Then she tells me she needs money for rollerskating. 


I think I want to choke her. But I don't think I would enjoy jail.