Why did I quit reading this series?

Darkness Torn Asunder (The Paladin) - Alexis Morgan

I am a little behind on this series and jumped a few books for this one. To be honest, I completely forgot about this series until I read this. Now I can't figure out why I didn't stay up to date on it. I really like this.


In this installment we get a man released from jail after being able to prove his innocence after quite a bit of time in prison. We are talking years and years in jail. He has always healed really fast from injury, and seems not to age like other humans. Well, he is not human, but he doesn't know. He is approached by a group of men who claim to be different just like he is. They also claim that they are aliens (I know, it sounds silly, but I promise it is good). He writes them off as whack jobs, at first. He meets a cute female doctor at a local clinic after injuring his hand at his new job at a local watering hole. She fixes him up and sends him on his way, but he can't seem to keep himself away from her. 


This is VERY well written, and held my interest really well. I love the chemistry the two main characters have. I genuinely cared for both of them and really enjoyed their happily ever after story. The pacing is nice and to the point with just enough details to make it enjoyable.




For fans of this series and other paranormal romance books, not just this book, but the whole series. I will definitely be reading the few books I missed.


I recieved a electronic copy for review purposes through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.