Little Felted Dogs

Little Felted Dogs: Easy Projects for Making Adorable Pups - Saori Yamazaki



Create the cutest versions of your favorite dogs in just a few simple steps.


Whether you adore dachshunds or dalmatians, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make charming miniatures of them with a felting needle and some raw wool. Great for beginners, the two dozen projects in Little Felted Dogs provide surprisingly life-like results—choose from a litter of golden retriever puppies, a pug ready to fetch, a begging bulldog, a protective chihuahua, and more. Even better, you’ll go from ball of fluff to perfect pooch in no time at all!


My Thoughts:


The pictures of the little felted pups that this book instructs you on how to build are so cute. The instructing are clear and simple to understand. There are colored photos that go along with the instructions, they are a big help. The book is a nice size, not like some other instructional craft books that are bulky, and hard to hold with one hand.  


My eleven year old has a craft project of choice due in about a month, she is going to try to make a few of these. The first ine we have already started together. If the whole process is as simple as I expect, she will finish the others on her own. I would post a picture of our progress, but she took it to school to work on it during study hall. The only downfall for me is that the nearest craft/sewing store is a half hour drive from me, and wool is not something I keep on hand.






About the Author: 


SAORI YAMAZAKI is the author of several felting books in Japanese and English. She lives in Tokyo with her three dogs–Charmy, Beau, and Mametaro.


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I recieved a copy of this through Blogging for Books.