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The Last Tears of a Phoenix - J.P. Cianci



Dayanara Kenna can survive a night with some of the worst man-eating plants conjured to life by man. She knows what do when a sea dragon rises from the crystalline ocean waters near her isolated village.


But when she discovers a young man setting himself on fire outside her village boundaries, she realizes there is a lot she still doesn't know about the crystal-studded and volcano-ravaged world around her.


Her search for answers takes her on a wild adventure where she encounters new friends and a culture riddled with anomalies: fiery Rebirths, tears that give life, and a self-healing population with inexplicable scars.


But perhaps the most surprising thing that Dayanara finds . . . is Dorian. 


The two natural-born enemies are drawn to each other, with a connection so powerful that Dayanara believes nothing could ever sever it--until she learns the magnitude of what a certain ritual means for a being like Dorian. 


She soon finds herself caught in the middle of love, war, and a duty to her people. When all three collide, she emerges--indelibly scarred--and she is set on a course that will change her life forever.


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