Reading progress update: I've read 150 out of 352 pages.

Railhead - Philip Reeve

This is about all the reading I have gotten done this week. 50 pages. Boy were they good pages though. 


This is good. I love this. It's young adult, I think. It's a pretty complex world. Train that think and have emotions, portal like railways that take you to different planets/world (kinda like going down the pipes in the Mario video games), and a cast of characters I have grown to care for. The main character, raised in the slims and grew up to be a thief, has found out his blood line is royalty. This bloodline gains him access to the family train that holds the family treasure. He is impersonating some other member of his new family and been sought out to steel something about the train. The person who sought him out has been hunted by the army for quite some time. He has also been killed soooooo many times, but a newer version of him always pops up.