Journey, of typos and nonsense...

Journey - Claudy Conn, Karen Babcock

A big, fat DNF for this one. The blurb alone should have warned me, but I figured I would give it a shot. One star for the halfway decent cover.


Blurb (Bold areas are punctuation mistakes I noticed. There may be more.):


What would you do if you wanted a normal life and another one was thrust into your hands? 

What would you do if you had attained success and relative (if not complete) happiness and you were pushed onto a path that clearly designated it as ‘no return’? 

What would you do if he, the man of your dreams walked into your life and you knew, absolutely knew, that one day he would leave because he was from another realm with secrets you couldn't discern. Would you seize the moment? 

Riley Doogan decided to seize the moment, and it cost her all the normalcy she had ever hoped to have in her life and that life was now fraught with terror. 

Part one of Riley’s journey takes us on waves of passion and exploding tides of adventure, just the kind she had never wanted to have. She had wanted the ‘white picket fence’ the dog, the children and a good, loving man. What she got was bloody hell and a passion she had never thought even possible!