A book? More like a manual...

Woodworking For Beginners: 101 for Starting Your Project Today! (woodworking plans, diy projects, kitchen cabinets) - Peter Woodrow

here are no pictures in the PDF I recieved. Without pictures, a beginner would be very lost. As a child, I spent quite a bit of time in my grandfather's woodshop so these techniques mentioned are not new terminology for me. Without the now ledge I have I would be completely lost with the instructions provided. 


This is more like a introduction to terminology for beginners than anything else. I do think that this may make a nice addition for a high school woodworking class where an instructor is present to demonstrate some of the techniques mentioned in this very short book (I would call it a manual). Maybe something passed around at the beginning of the year to educate a classroom on words they soon will be using regularly. 


I recieved a free ebook copy from librarything in exchange for an honest review. I hope the finished product has illustrated instruction added.