The Undoing by Shelly Laurenston (the queen)

The Undoing - Shelly Laurenston

Let me start by saying that the first book in this series was not a hit for me. This one, I love.


This is what I expect from Laurenston. The characters in this book are warriors of Norse Gods. I love the banter and interactions between Jace and Ski, the author is amazing at dialogue and character developement.  Ski, a Protector who I I fell in love with almost immediately, is Protector of the Word for the Protectors, meaning he gets to control and protect an amazing library of ancient texts. He is VERY protective of his books, and threatened bodily dismemberment to all who touched them if they hurt them. Jace is a berserker crow, there is a scene where she flips out and goes all berserker that i just love. She has a vast knowledge of language. She is hired by the Ski to translate some of the books they had aquired. Sparks fly, love blossoms, and sweat drips while they bump uglies!


If you like paranormal romance with a large dose of humor, read this. If you haven't tried Laurenston before, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?