Hairstyled by Anne Thoumieux

Hairstyled: 75 Ways to Braid, Pin & Accessorize Your Hair - Anne Thoumieux


Let me start with the reason I requested this book. I have two teen/tween girls. They are constantly scouring the internet for new ways to style their hair. Normally, they end up on Youtube, which is fine, but I have seen so much frustrating come from trying to pause, rewind, or slow down the videos they watch. Plus, I hate when they plug their phones/tablets in my bathroom. Toilets and electronics do not mix well.


I really didn't expect this to be as nice and easy to understand as it is. I love this book. I am horrible with hair, I can even accomplish some, maybe most of the styles. This is perfect for athletes who like to braid their hair before games or practice. It was a hit at a slumber party this weekend.


I recommend this to mothers of girls who like their hair done up and you're out of ideas! 


About the Author: 


Anne Thoumieux is a French beauty editor, blogger, and former TV host. She loves spreading knowledge about beauty and helping women feel confident and glamorous. She lives in Paris.


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I recieved a copy of this through Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.