I Heart Superhero Kid

I Heart Superhero Kid - Jason Tanamor, Ryan McFate

This is written in poem form. It is about 86 pages long. 


I like some of this. I like how the story rhymes, and the wording of the story. It makes it catchy for kids. I find problems with grammar, mostly words that need capitalized aren't. What I didn't much care for at all are the illustrations. They're simple sketches, no landscaping in them, and are not very eye-catching at all. With the right illustrator, this could have been SO much better.


I find it difficult to recommend an intended age group for this when I consider the difficulty of the story, then figure in the length. I think more thought should have went into how many lines should go onto each page. This story shouldn't be 86 pages long, cut that in half.


If I were just rating the story itself, 5 stars. When it comes to children though, there is a lot more that there has to be than just a good story. Grammar and good illustrations are important. I really hate giving this 1 1/2 stars, but I can't overlook it's flaws and sloppy execution.


(One of the better drawings.)


I recieved a copy of this book from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.