Escaping Barcelona

Escaping Barcelona - Henry Martin

Wow! I really didn't think I would like this, but it was a really good read. This is literary fiction, and it isn't my normal genre. I have encountered very few books in this genre that I like.


There are skme things about this that I think readers should be forewarned about.  The main character is raped by another man. If this is something that you think will bother, stay away.


Could you imagine walking around a foreign country, broke, no identity, and only the clothes on your back? It would be terrifying. Add to that that you are the victim of a homosexual rape. Police are out of the question. What would you do? Rudy, the main character, experiences all this. It makes for a very eye opening read. 


I won this in my obsession to win an Amazon Giveaway! I did finally win, twice in a row!