Savage Urges by Suzanne Wright

Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack Series) - Suzanne  Wright

When I pick up a shifter book by Suzanne Wright, I expect a story full of alpha men, dominant women, laugh out loud fun, and steamy sex. I got what I expected.


In this book we have Ryan from the Pheonix pack, and a lone wolf named Mackenna. Ryan is a man of few words, he rarely holds a conversikn, and states on facts when he speaks, except when Mackenna is around. She gets under his skin, but he can't get enough of her.


Mackenna is happy being a lone wolf who volunteers at a shelter for other shifters who find themselves suddenly packless. She meets Ryan while trying to find a home for a young teenager who she finds passed out on her doorstep. She is spunky, self confident, and not looking for a mate. She admits that there is an attraction to Ryan, but doesn't agree with him that they are mates.


If you're new to this series, I recommend starting from the beginning.


I recieved a copy of this book from Netgalley.