Descended from Dragons by Tricia Owens

Descended from Dragons - Tricia Owens

This is a fun, quick, interesting read. I loved the paranormal elements in this story, they're rather unique. This features a rather diverse group of characters. We have gsrgoyles, dragon sorceresses, witches, warlocks, shifters, fey, and much more. There were parts that made me laugh, and the suspense kept me reading. I loved the characters, and hope to see them again in future books. 


This isn't a long book, but in no way did I feel the story suffered from it. This author can write, and kept my undivided attention thriughout. This seems to be the beginning of a series, I am happy to report the author didn't do the whole "world dump" thing. It isn't a cliffhanger. This is definitely for adults, but it there aren't any graphic sex scenes. 


I will define follow this author in hopes of more to come.


Review copy via netgalley. It is currently available "Read Now."