Missing (Shifters Unlimited 1)

Missing (Shifters Unlimited Book 1) - KH LeMoyne

This features shifters of all sorts, a very talented PI who happens ex-park ranger with a little something special, some regular humans, and more. The story starts with ma man wanting to hire the PI to find his wife and child. During the hunt things turn paranormal rather quickly. This is nothing new to the PI, it's a different story for the husband though.


The way this author can tell a story is what made this a good read. Shifter stories have become rather common and they all seem to be the same lately, but not this. This has some uniqueness that have seen elsewhere. The way the author sets and describes a scene is top notch. The action parts are very well, and there are quite a few of these scenes. The story itself was more focused on than the sex, I like that.


I really recommend this book to fans a shifter novels, especially at its price, FREE  (Amazon).