My mutts!



I rescued these little shots from my father. When I got them they were flea infested, hairless from digging at said fleas, the little hair they did have was completely matted, very underweight, physically abused, and had a variety of parasites living all over their bodies. Now they are fluffy, overweight hairball in need of a bath and a brush. They are very friendly and spend the day planning escape maneuvers.


The black and white one is Nemo. He is alpha, or a bully, I haven't decided yet. He does some hilarious things like sitting in his food so he can eat the other dogs food and protect his at the same time. He is a cuddle bug, and likes to lick my front window nonstop. When my girls play music he likes to jump on their laps so they can prop him up and make home dance. His favorite moves are "the sprinkler," and something my girls do while saying, "now watch me whip, now watch me nay-nay."


The white one is Princess. She is a very fluffy dog, when her hair is completely grown out she resembles a cottonball. Her smile, yes she smiles, is the most gapped up grill I have ever seen. Her teeth are so whacked that I have to moisten her food with water or broth. She was extremely skinny when I took her. She now had a bit of a potbelly. She is the most tolerant dog I have ever come across. She loves being flopped around like a rag doll by my son. She likes to escape. She irritates the crap out of me when she does this because she always does the exact same thing. She runs up the road to the park and jumps into the stream. Then she sits there in the middle on a big rock so you have to come to get her. She stayed there for two hours once when I figured I would just let her come back out on her own. She has the most horrible gas. I have tried changing food, but nope, she is just that way. The male buries his nose in her butt every time she lets go then he gags. It is that bad.


I love these little hairy family members more than I ever thought I would. They have stamped there claim on me. My husband has even been booted from bad on occasion when they are super stubborn and refuse to move from my bed. The girl sleeps at my head curled as close and tight as she can get herself between my head and shoulder. The male tucks himself in beside me propped up on my pillow while laying on his back. He sleeps just like a human. He is a difficult to sleep with due to his thunderous snoring. Between the females gas and the males snoring, it makes for a rough night, but I can't sleep without them either.