Chimera (Universe Eventual) (Volume 1) - N.J. Tanger

This was good. It is YA dystopian, which is what it seems like so much YA is these days. Does it stand out from the rest? In ways... Yes. 


It is set in space. The teen population is very important, they are believed to get be the generation to take them all home. They are on a moon, a prison for those who were not able to meet their obligations financially. 


This follows a Theo, a boy with the gift to gab with the machines. In a community where survival is so reliant on these machines, it is a wonderful gift. He does seem to get himself into some typical teenage boy situations through bad judgement. We also have a young flying prodigy, Selena. She is a very sincere and thoughtful character. I liked them both very much. These two will be easy for some teens to relate to. One is a hacker who greaty underestimates himself, the other has a not so wonderful home life, she throws herself into her studies. There are other characters too who are equally unique, but these two are the main focus. They are all well developed.


Some of these scenes in this were very vividly written. At times I felt like I was in the movie The Matrix, when they are pulled into the "real" world. The action scenes were at times difficult to follow, but it all tied together nicely.


I hope this series gets the recognition it deserves, it truly is a bit different from all the other Hunger Games/Divergent clones. This is told from a male point of view, something that is increasingly becoming less common. Rather than having the "hero" we have a group of heroes.


There are two books in this series already published, a third will join the other in the end of June this year. I will definitely be continuing this series, as will my middle child who is currently engrossed in the story. She is very much crushing on the main character... LOL. You should see the look on her face as I type that sentence.


I received a copy from Netgalley for review purposes.