Darken (The SIEGE Series) (Volume 1) - Angela Fristoe

After a bunch of government experimenting, Gavin has a really dark side to him. Twos years ago his fiance died in a car accident, he has never recovered. In the beginning of this book he is just existing, not really living. Cora, the girl who was at fault for the accident that took Gavin's fiance from him works at the bar where Gavin just became employed. At first their relationship is not too good, then i grows.


This is sci/fi romance. I loved parts of this, others were meh. The parts I loved were perfectly written, and able to really convey the feelings of the characters. I do wish that the author would have added a bit more to the plot. It was so close to being awesome. It just needed that one little thing to push it above the rest. I can't put my finger on what that thing is, but it needs it. This is still a good book, it just could be sooo much more. 


This author has great potential. At time the writing was superb. The character development was good. I truly cared for these characters. At time though, I felt like the author was building up to something, but that something didn't come. 


This is a solid start to a new series I plan to follow.


Book via Netgalley.