The Crow Box

The Crow Box (The Shadow & Ink Series) (Volume 1) - Nikki Rae

When I first started this book I had no clue what I was getting into. Yes, I knew it had a dark theme, but I really didn't expect what I read.


We have a college girl who in no stranger to "crazy." She has lived her entire life with a mother who is a hoarder, has ended up in and out of psych wards, etc. Now this girl is hearing voices, losing parts of her day, waking up in places where she has no clue how she got there, at times there seems to be these flies who do not so wonderful things to those who are being not so wonderful to her (GROSS and CREEPY to read). The voices part is really creepy in how the author includes them in the story; I had goosebumps at times imagining what it would be like to experience what this girl is. All of this started when the mother bought her a music box in not so great condition, I think this is the root to the "girl gone crazy." 


This is dark fantasy, and the author shows a lot of talent. I had to put the book down at times to collect my thoughts on what I was reading. The characters are really well developed, and I love the way the author made them flawed. I will warn that book leaves you with a whole bunch of WTFs. WTF did I read, happened, ect. I will definitely continue this series.


E-copy for review purposes from Netgalley.


I keep changing the rating on this