A Fine Imitation by Amber Brock

A Fine Imitation: A Novel - Amber Brock

This is not my normal type of read. This is set in the twenties and follows a women who is unhappy with her life. She is park of the upper crust of society. As glamorous as hogh society life style sounds, it is difficult. The woman's husband hire an artist to paint a mural in their house. Affairs happen, secrets threaten to reveal themselves, and people come to find their true selves.


I loves bed the authors writing. As I said above, this is set in the twenties, the author does a very good job at depicting the period, in all ways: the setting, the dialog, exec the way she writes the story. 


I really grew grew to feel like I knew these characters. Some I found to be very annoying, some I liked, some I despised. 


I think think what I likes most is the authors writing. It is unique


I received a copy of this book from blogging for books.



About the Author:

AMBER BROCK teaches British literature at an all girls' school in Atlanta. She holds an MA from the University of Georgia and lives in Smyrna with her husband, also an English teacher, and their three rescue dogs.


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