Reading progress update: I've read 5%.

The Queen's Wings: The Emerging Queens (Entangled Edge) - J.L. Langley

I usually don't read dragon shifter romance. I like this though, too early to be sure at 5%, but I think I will. The main shifter is trying to get someone to actually believe that she is seriously about to turn from human to dragon, but no one will, SHE JUST PUKED ACID VOMIT on an assailant, and had smoke swirl out her mouth. Fucking awesome superpower if you ask me! This author has made me giggle twice already! Thanks to my librarian for the recommendation!!


Oh! And the librarian said I should apply for the ten hour a week part time labraian position. I have experience from working at one in high school! I love books, but they may have to throw me out when my shift is over, if I get the position that is.