Mr Binks - Nia Ellis, Daniel Nanavati

I think this was originally a play, then a book. I liked the story, but noticed a few punctuation mistakes (periods instead of question marks, missing commas). this is the reason for 2 and 1/2 stars as a rating instead of 3 or possibly 3 and 1/2.


As a play I can see that this would be an entertaining production. Everything down to where a character looks is mapped out in the story. There is also a lot of dialog conveying most of the story. I would love to see this on stage.


This is meant for children. It has mystery, magic, suspense, and more. I could see a teacher using this as an outline and script for a school/class play.


I really enjoyed this graphics. They really add to the story, and help to help relay how a scene should look.


With changes to fix the punctuation mistakes. With added said... asked... exclaimed... the story would be better executed and understood. I would raise my rating if these changes were done. This has a lot of potential, and as I said above, it would make a great play t watch and perform.




"After yesterday, I daren't suggest a thing. Do you know you do the best impersonation of a puppy moping about I've ever seen. I think its the watery eyes and wet nose that do the trick."


"If you were really intelligent you'd be able to think of new insults once in a while. No one invited you into my room."


I received a copy of this book free of charge. I didn't promise a review in return.