American Witches

American Witches: A Broomstick Tour through Four Centuries - Susan Fair

When you think about witches the first thing that comes to mind, at least to me, Salem witch trials... not anymore.


After restrictive in have come to the conclusion that people from earlier time periods could be just ridiculous. I would have hated to live in a place where someone could one minute accuse you of being a witch, and in the next moment you find your self being hung from a tree, thrown into a body of water with your arms and legs tied together.  Everything from bad bread, to misbehaving children were reason enough to suspect and accuse your neighbors of witchcraft. 


There was not story in particular that really made me think. There was this woman named Goody something or other. Most of her life was spent locked up because one person or another got a hair up their ass and decided to accuse her of being a witch... over and over.


In love this author's sense of humor and sarcasm. The information is nicely, and efficiently conveyed. I love that no one topic was either ignored, or over investigated. 


Book via Edelwiess in exchange for review.