A City Dreaming by Tom Polansky

A City Dreaming - Daniel Polansky

This will not be published until October, 2016


This is urban fantasy, kinda. It feel at times a bit "normal.' This is set in modern day New York. The author really gives a diverse look into his world. We see the slums, we see the luxurious. There is a subway that takes you through hell.This has an array of things going on, I almost want to say this is more of a series of short stories all surrounding the same character, M. I am still not sure how much I like this character, but I don't dislike him either, He is magical, but there is more to him than just that. I just feel at times that he acts out of character.


I love this authors ability to draw you into the story. I don't think too many authors could have spun this story in a way that actual made me enjoy reading it. The pace seems to jump around a bit, as said above, it seems almost like a compilation of short stories that seem to revolve around the same main idea and characters.


I received a review copy of this book through Netgalley.