My brother in law is a bit self centered. This morning he picked up the little sis to take him shopping. I don't know why he has such a bad image of me, even in my addiction, I was never a bad mother, or a thief. I always had money to back my addiction up. We lived a bit broke for a few years because I didn't trust myself at that point to have a lot of money, I worked very part time hours. After I had a bit of time being sober I went back. I have never done anything to make him not like me. 


I work night hours. Everyone else's days are my nights, for now. When he picked her up on went out in my comfiest pjs to let him know that if the car wasn't home I would leave the door open for her and soon return. Well, he ran his mouth about me to her about how slobby u was.  I was sleeping! I make sure I am neatly dressed before I go out in public. I sure as heck don't go galavanting around all the time in my sleep clothes. I had just washed my hair, it was damp. He in turn told my sister that my hair was so greasy it looked wet. It was wet. I am raising the girl with very little financial help. She is expensive. She is a picky eater, and her body has changed since she has been eating healthier since living with me.I  slowly buying her clothes, but if I do so for one, I have to do for all of the kids. 


She was uncomfortable with the way he talked about me and told my daughter what had happened. My daughter told me. My hubby flipped. In turn my middle sis (32) is blaming the whole situation on the 14 year old sister.