My Roller Coaster Life #1

As you all know by now, MY LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER! I am now going to be adding the tag MY ROLLER COASTER LIFE at the bottom of these posts.


Today I pull up from working an unscheduled shift and see the water company in front of my house. WTF! When we bought the house my father owed a large past due amount. Over $300. In the town I live the water bill goes with the land, sort of. Me and him agreed to me paying my bill and him making payments on the past due, which he never did and I ended up making those payments which he will, or he will die, pay me back when he receives his biyearly estate payment from my grandfather's estate. He gets it next month. It is a substantial amount, over $12000 a year for the next five years. Apparently when he switched his address the late payment slips started going to his house. This month they sent him something stating that that bill needed paid off in full by the 19th of this month, yesterday. He didn't tell me. All I would have had to do is call down to the office and extend the payment arrangement. NOPE, he is an idiot. I just had to shell out the entire bill.


I am a bit strapped financially until my final estate payment come next month. I have assets, but nothing I will not take a beating on if I touch. I want a retirement and am making sure I have a large one. If I touch any of it now I will stand to lose A LOT of money.


My car broke down on the way home from the water department. Not a huge, huge problem, we have two. It will be a pain, but it will be okay. My hubby is a mechanic, so he will fix it, but parts will still cost. I am thankful that I don't have to pay what the rest of you have to pay just for a brake job. That being said, I laugh at the fact that my husband is a mechanic and my car is always in need of work. He just really hates working on his own vehicles. I had a Mustang convertible sporting two beautiful hammer claw holes in the rear fender from when my e brake decided to get stuck in the on position, at least I think that is what was wrong with at the time he fuckered my baby up. I loved that car, but three kids do not fit beautifully into the back. I would have to put one in trunk, that really doesn't sound too bad right now though.


Back to the Dad thing. I am going to have to do something I have been putting off. It is not easy to take your own father to court, but if he can't even keep his word about doing the little bit I ask of him we are going to have to let the courts handle the whle situation. He is constantly trying to skip out on the tiny $200 I ask from him for child support each month, especially considering I found out is is receiving quite a bit more than that for claiming her through social security.


Back to the hubby. Things have been bad with his employment too. His business partner has taken up smoking crystal meth. BAD! When we moved we gave up the garage we had. The business was moved back to the partners garage on the other side of town. My husband has since removed his tools from the property and he is moving it to a new site. This isn't horrible on business because most of his customers bring him either atvs, off road buggies, jet skis, etc. He has a good reputation, his customers are loyal and follow him. It is just a lot of work.