The first thing I learned very quickly, I SUCK AT THIS GAME, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it just fine, once they figured it out.


You get a box with two sets of cards, two mini notepads, two mystery envelopes, instructions, and these mystery prize papers that I just don't understand. Everything fits nice and tidy in the box. 


This was best enjoyed when played in a group. I took it to a work gathering, though I did not participate, it was enjoyed with lots of shouting and insults in the form of puns. 


I don't think this is something that everyone will enjoy. It takes a lot of thinking, and I can see where it may be hard to find a group that would enjoy it together. 


All this considered, it will probably sit on a shelf collecting dust. Maybe it will see some use better in the game room at work.


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I received this in exchange for an honest review from Blogging For Books.