Just checking in...

I haven't been very social on here lately. Everything is going good. I have been busy at work. I have taken on a client who everyone has just given up on. It has not been easy. He has a diagnosis of autism, ADD, multiple personality, bipolar, and a penciled in sociopath penciled in to boot. I have made great progress. Today we had only one behavior involving a woman waving at him and a certain body part plastered against the window for all of the public populating the main street on which we are located (at least 40 people if (I had to guess). I had to laugh, but quickly ceased doing so when it occurred to me just how bad it looked with a mentally handicapped male client who is about 6'3" with his genitals plastered against a window, and me standing behind him laughing outloud. Anyways, our normal day has always, before today, been almost nonstop aggression from him, and me having to diffuse constant possible chaos. I saw a different side of him at work this morning. I was starting to feel helpless, but this shows that mabe there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and not from a train.


I have not had much time for reading, besides simple books in an attempt to catch my clients interest. I have discovered that he has a vast knowledge of religion and almost obsesses and what type different areas generally practice. He loves anything involving geography, and I feel I may need to increase the level of difficulty of the work he can accomplish and comprehend. I know in order to do the best I can for him that I have to increase my knowledge of things that interest him. I know a bit about certain religions, but not to the extent that will satisfy him. My reading will probably focus on this in the near future. If I don't reach certain goals with this man, my time with him will decrease, or possibly cease. I also feel that our program is a last attempt before someone gives up and he is lost in the system and is placed in a setting that will let him go backwards and become nothing, or worse.


I will be around, but not as active as normal, I need to focus and do what I do best.