Communicating Better With People on the Autism Spectrum

Communicating Better with People on the Autism Spectrum: 35 Things You Need to Know - Paddy-Joe Moran

This has been a great help. Most of what is included in this should be obvious, but it is easy to forget how to handle yourself at difficult times when trying to communicate with someone whose mind does not process things the same way as most others. 


This is written by a man who has an autism diagnosis, so this is the best advice possible. When you have someone in your life who is on the spectrum I promise there will be times when communication is not working out perfectly. It took me years to figure that sarcasm is generally not a good way to communicate. I wish that I read this when I first started in the field I work in. So much confusion, damage, and anxiety could have been avoided. Things that I had said have caused major repercussions. This should be required reading for anyone who finds themselves in close contact with someone with autism, heck it should be required reading for everyone.


If you are looking for an in depth exploration of communicating with those on the spectrum, this isn't it. This is for someone who wants good advice that is easy to understand and apply.


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