Where the Wild Things Bite

Where the Wild Things Bite - Molly Harper

I had fun reading this. Molly Harper's humorous paranormal romance are some of my favorite "comfort" reads. This one had the humor I expect, steamy romance, crazy vamps, funky shifters, and quirky humans. 


In this we have Anna and Finn. Finn is a shady con man, Anna works with old books about paranormal. She and Finn are on a plane that doesn't make it to its destination. They end trekking through a forest while being chased by a few normal people and some not so normal people. Anna is a germaphobe, so the setting isn't ideal for her. She is nervous about Finn putting her on the menu. Finn is fascinated by Anna.


Recommended to anyone who has followed this series. If you are a newbie to these books it may be better to start from the beginning, but I believe that this could be okay as a standalone. There are some cameo appearances from some previous characters. Some of the "fun" may be missed if you haven't read their books.