On the Prowl

On The Prowl (Bad Things) (Volume 2) - Cynthia Eden

This is good. I really, really like this. I didn't read the first in this series, but am definitely going to now.


The main couple in this is a shifter and a magically made vampire. The vamp is like no other that walks the earth. Her creation was not ordinary. She was killed while human and brought back by the magic of Luke, who is basically the devil. He rules the dark, bad creatures. The vamp and the shifter go their separate ways for a while by means of the vamp running away. She can't accept who she has become. While running away she is captured by someone who wants to use her for their own sadistic purposes. The shifter saves her. Their path to love is one filled with hiccups, explosions, bullets, and many other hurdles.


Besides the main creature there are so many other breeds of characters in this. We see an angel, a muse, a witch, and more. With all these characters I hope this series will grow. I can't wait to continue, but first some back tracking.


This reminds me of Immortals After Dark meets Midnight Breeds, both are favorite series of mine. 


I received a complimentary copy of this is exchange for an honest review.