Written in Red

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

There were things I liked, and things that bugged, but the likeable content far outweighed the rest.


I love the world this is set in. I have read books that have a variety of paranormal characters, but so much of what Anne Bishop has created here is unique. I have really developed a liking for so many of these characters. I absolutely love a character named Tess, and another named Winter. They have some amazing, wicked, scary powers. Also I like that there isn't graphic sex, or much romance to speak of. It was a welcome change from what I have grown to expect from this genre. So many books in this category use it as a filler to make the page number increase, not saying that I am not a fan of using it, but this was nice for a change. I don't know what to expect from future books, they may or may not follow suite.


I do think that was maybe a bit too much of the book spent reading about the main character doing her job of basically "mail sorter," or Human Liason. I much would have preferred read about the amazing characters, and their extraordinary powers.


I will definitely continue this series as soon as my library copy is available.