Finding the Lost

Finding the Lost - Shannon K. Butcher

This is book two inn The Sentinel Wars series. It is paranormal romance. This one is slightly better than the first book and has opened the world in which this is set up so much. There are many ways for this to grow.


There are to more Theronian females found in this, actually three in a way. One is the main female lead, the other is her sick sister. The sick sister is more intriguing toe the than the main character. She is a mystery and the hurdles she will have to overcome will be amazing. The male in which I think she will be with is the tortured soul type and has already given up hope for his own happy ending. There is also another character that was introduced that really caught my attention. He was injured in battle and is now paralyzed, he too has given up hope. He has decided that he would rather die than live on the way he is and is slowly starving himself to death.


I am really enjoying this. The sex scenes are pretty bad. There is the whole "I must hold back feomy true urges so I don't break her" sex going on... MAJOR EYE ROLLS! Also has the "I want you but am too stupid to just admit it" thing going on too... MY EUES ARE IN A PERMAMENT EYE ROLL. That being said, there are some really great things going on too. I love the dialogue in this at times. I also really enjoy how this author writes the fight scenes and how her characters are really starting to develope. I have hopes for this series as a whole, the beginning is very well set up.