Running Scared (Book 3 Sentinel Wars)

Running Scared - Shannon K. Butcher

Another nice read in this series. So far I am enjoying these a lot more than I expected. 


The world is pretty unique and I like the way this author spins a story. Each book tells more about the central plotlines keeping each book new and fresh. So far they aren't feeling as repetitive.


This is definitely for adult, the sex is very graphic. I am very happy to say that there is only one or two scenes per book. 


I do wish the author had included more action/fight scenes in this, she is very talented at writing those parts.


There are a few things about this that really grab my interest. One of these is how the Sentinels came to be on Earth, aliens. We found out in this book where the compatible females came from. For a long time it was thought there were little to none of them left, then some were discovered and no one could figure out how it was possible that they exsisted. I love the females are the ones who get mega awesome gifts when they commit to their male match. 


I am very anxious to find out how some things work out. The entire Sentinel race is thought to be unable to reproduce. One person knows why and is to blame for it, no one but this person knows they caused the problem and are considering sharing their secret in order to try to remedy the issue. I really want to find out how things work out for a mentally troubled Sentinel compatible woman. Her book is the next in this series, I already borrowed the digital copy from my library (yay!). :She was attacked by the Sentinel's enemy as a child and has suffered since. Her story has slowly been growing since her sister was the focus of book two.