Blood Hunt (Book Four Sentinel Wars)

Blood Hunt - Shannon K. Butcher

I'm this Logan, a sanguinar (like an alien vampire) is the male focus rather than a Sentinel. It was a welcome change and helped it to not become monotonous.. I like the female, Hope. She has amnesia and remembers nothing of her past. She notices street people are missing, she volunteers at a shelter. In her search for one girl she finds Logan fighting a creature. 


Logan is on mission to basically be a match maker. His people survive off of blood. The blood they need is a specific type. There is not much available and his people are starving. He matches people with strong blood and makes sure they hit it off in hopes of making more food sources for his kind when these matches one day have babies. He knows Hopes blood iss compatible and he starts to find her a match, but begins to have feelings for her.


This author is really good at making characters complex. I also like how descriptive she has painted the bad guys in this. They are aweful looking and some look like big, big insects, other deformed humans, and so on.


I like these on to the next book.