I haven't been very active on here lately. I hope to change that soon. Recently it has been a string of craptastic electronic failures that have stopped me from posting. This post is being typed on my tiny, slightly larger than a cell phone, six inch, four year old kindle fire tablet. For anyone who hasn't used one of these it is a pain especially because there is a lag between when you type and when it appears on the screen at times, the most inconvenient times it seems. All within the last month to month and a half I have had one laptop, one desktop, one phone, one tablet and one wireless Bluetooth keyboard have issues. The tablet, I love that thing, is currently at the electronic doctors and there is a possibility that it is not fixable this time. The desk computer just needs me to figure out what the shell I accidentally changed when I fell asleep face first on the thing and face changed a shot ton of things on accident for over two hours every time my head would move, I move constantly when sleeping. The  laptop's charger met a nasty death in a tug of war match between my dogs. And the phone fell into a puddle. I still have my older devices but find myself unhappy with them because I  so used to my usual things. I am very picky and spare no costs when it comes to my electronics choices.


I must admit thatI am getting pretty good at using this tiny thing. That only took me five minutes to type.


Everything else is going great. I have finally put my foot down and am not working anymore stupid extra hours, 45 a week and that is they get of me. 


The kids are great. All three have straight A's, two have joined student counsel, one is a star student. The boy is a heck of an athlete and surprises me everyday. My daughter has really matured into a beautiful young lady and no longer looks like a little girl anymore. I know everyone thinks their kids are beautiful, but this isn't just parent rose colored glasses, she is gorgeous. The sister is driving, I know, scares the shit out of me. I finally see her for the first time since our mother's death starting to act like a teenager and live a little.